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Dowtown Rockford Merchants - helping each other

Merchants helping each other.  It’s a lost art of people helping other businesses.  If I don’t have what you need, I’ll send you to others.  If it’s something I can’t offer you, of course I’m going to make sure we can keep it in the neighborhood and we can supply you with what you need.

Have other people done that too?

They have to me.

I was raised to believe if I can’t get you what you want, I’m going to make sure somebody around here can get it for you.  We want to try to keep the business downtown because we’re a little close-knit community down here.

    Yes, the downtown merchants do help each other.  And that helped me when I ate lunch at Deli Italia yesterday.  My friend had asked our waitress Stephanie for a specific coffee and she told us that she could serve us regular coffee, but we could get good coffee and lots of choices a block away at a neighboring coffee shop.  It was to heartening to hear and I asked her about it. 

    If you haven't already heard Stephanie say it herself, check out the video clip above.

    Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 7:57pm