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Network of Neighbors

The Network of Neighbors is made up of block leaders who care about their area and believe that they can care for their area by connecting and communicating with one another. 

To communicate with all of us in the Network of Neighbors, just send an email to [email protected].

Date / Memo Hrs Credited (+) / Hrs Debited (-) Balance

Barry Koren
3-19-21, 9:31am
On 3/16/21, coordinated with Steve Robinson & Deondre Rutues about Network of Neighbors' Safety Initiative & food distribution. Follow up texts.
-1:00 -9:25

Barry Koren
3-19-21, 9:13am
Discussion on 3/11/21 with Steve Robinson about Network of Neighbors Safety Initiative, the 3/19/21 TEC mtg, and legalizing Marijuana on Westside via legislation.
-1:30 -8:25

Barry Koren
3-19-21, 9:08am
Text messages on 3/11/21 to Network of Neighbors about shootings on Mayfield.
-0:45 -6:75

Steve Robinson
2-26-21, 3:09am
For box food give away
-6:00 -6:00