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(Austin Coming Together time account)

This bookkeeping account enables people to record their time transactions with Austin Coming Together, even though the group has not yet joined the Time Exchange Coalition.

    Date / Memo Hrs Credited (+) / Hrs Debited (-) Balance

    Steve Robinson
    7-3-20, 10:16pm
    2,days in June Disturbed PPE at Amendsen Pk for ACT and one zoom meeting
                        -10:30 -15:90

    Steve Robinson
    6-4-20, 11:15pm
    For food deliveries logistics and support help
                        -3:30 -5:60

    Steve Robinson
    5-23-20, 5:21pm
    Called ten block club leaders & coordinated food deliveries from GCFD & drivers
                        -2:30 -2:30