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TimeExchanges Coalition (TEC)

It’s about TIME! 
Time exchanges -- an easy to grasp solution to big daunting problems like poverty, growing inequality, & crime. Big problem that stem from lack of money and social isolation. 
Simply give an hour.  Get an hour.
  • When I help you for an hour, I credit my account for that hour and debit yours.
  • I can spend the hour I earned by asking someone to help me.
  • You can clear the hour you owe by helping someone.


  •  Brings us closer together.
  •  Sustainable.
  •  Builds better futures.
  •  Keeps dollars in your pocket.
  • Buy & Sell Services Locally, with TIME!
Coalition members use Time as Money...
thus enriching their lives with deeper relationships and helping dissolve big, daunting problems like inequality.
Time exchanges offer meaningful work in which people help one another. It has the blessings of “pay-it-forward” and personal connection coupled with a soft credit card accountability.
Although time exchanges don’t offer jobs paid in dollars, they do save scarce dollars and offer countless opportunities for people to serve and be served, to learn and to teach, to repair and produce, and to care for one another.
The coalition is primarily on the Chicago Westside and the Oak Park area
We invite churches, not-for-profits, networks of related organizations, businesses, and local governments to join us in using time currency. Examples:

·       Run programs 
·       Raise funds and expand your base of support (asking for hours and/or dollars)
·      Strengthen applications for grants and public dollars (eg, dollars received can be used to stimulate time exchanges)

Vital areas in which organizations, families, and individuals can use time exchanges —
1. Food — to prepare & get community and family meals. To get ingredients, cook, clean, and serve food. To grow gardens, plant, water, weed, and harvest fresh food. To store and can the food.
2. Care — for children, elders, others, & things. Caring could be from friends, support networks, neighborly counseling, sharing, online resources.
3. Transportation — for getting around and using new services — bicycle taxies, church buses and vans, and Jitneys (that follow a rough service route). To repair and share bicycles and cars. Carpooling to Costco to buy food.
4. Distribution of essential stuff — for food, clothing, over-the-counter medical supplies, household items, heaters, & help shopping online.
5. Housing — to refer people to the pipeline from shelters to transitional & long-term housing.
6. Learning from & teaching one another, one-on-one and in groups. To provide the above and the following services:
  • Healthcare — eg, for home remedies & nutrition

  • Safety — tips & help for home & the street

  • Computers — for typing and online searches

  • Leadership — for organizing, planning, supervising

  • Traditional skills — cooking, child-raising, working

Our marketplaces can facilitate these exchanges. Ads are free and you can record time transactions from your phone or desktop.
To get an hour’s worth of services, you give an hour
Bring time exchanges to your church or organization. It’s free & lessens dependence on scarce dollars
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TEC's time transactions

Date / Memo Hrs Credited (+) / Hrs Debited (-) Balance

Diana Mireles
6-25-21, 10:18pm
Call with Barry Koren. Planned the follow up on the 2-19-21 TEC participant commitments to record their time transactions.
-0:30 -82:35

Barry Koren
5-10-21, 9:57am
Test 2
+0:06 -81:85

Barry Koren
5-10-21, 9:57am
Test 2
-0:06 -81:95

Barry Koren
5-10-21, 9:54am
Test 1
-0:06 -81:85

Steve Robinson
4-3-21, 11:17am
For the month of March technical support
-4:00 -81:75

Barry Koren
3-19-21, 9:45am
On 3/18/21 preparation for 3/19/21 TEC mtg.
-1:00 -77:75

Barry Koren
3-19-21, 9:44am
On 3/18/21 participated in WTF workshop.
-2:00 -76:75

Barry Koren
3-19-21, 9:42am
On 3/18/21 calls & organizing for 3/19/21 TEC mtg.
-2:30 -74:75

Barry Koren
3-19-21, 9:36am
On 3/17/21 calls & organizing for 3/19/21 TEC mtg.
-4:45 -72:25

Barry Koren
3-19-21, 9:34am
On 3/16/21 calls & organizing for 3/19/21 TEC mtg.
-2:00 -67:50


  Where People Connect and Support One Another


"There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river.


Friday, July 1, 2022 - 8:46pm

Want a better life...

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 - 5:44pm

Many of our big problems - locally & nationally - are caused by money. Eg, poverty, jobs disappearing, environment, and growing inequality.  

Money is also a simple, pragmatic solution, but a new (and ancient) money based on time.  

Here's how it works.  When I help you for an hour, I credit my account for that hour and debit yours.  The hour I just earned helping you I can spend by asking someone to help me.  The hour you owe you can clear by helping someone.

We are organizing time exchanges within churches, not-for-profits, and...

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 9:53pm