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Our Manifesto

Our local bulletin boards are for building a happier village....
where people say "life is good"  

Our bulletin boards are watering holes for finding common interests

Our marketplace & time exchange and other local bulletin boards are a tool for people to build connections in the village, find common interests like tennis or food, share recommendations, pass on baby clothes or books, trade services and goods, organize garage sales.  The boards are also to create the village we want by being a platform for people to inspire us with their meaningful projects. 

They are designed to be useful to all in the village -- residents, groups, businesses, and institutions.  Folks use the boards that suit them.  Posts in interest groups can feed into a village board (unless the group is private). 

Our intent is that the village boards become a local watering hole - where people interested in robotics or gardening get to know about each other online or in the village -- helping to further knit together our community. 

The boards make more visible the public life in our village that we experience first-hand.  In plain sight will be challenges as well as joy, pain, and sorrow.  Our premise is that acknowledging more of what exists in our village life and having more connections with one another will encourage people to lead more balanced, happy lives.  Time will pass and before you know it, we'll find that we've been slowly creating the place we want...where people sense that "life is good."  

Tour the site by exploring the purple menu.  All who want to join us in building this happier village are welcome.

The site is free and there are virtually no commercial ads, except in the marketplaces. 

To help connect local places with the larger world, we have seeded the site with global resources -- links, articles, videos, images, and a global bulletin board. These can be expanded by users.

Three guidelines

  • 1.  Post what is yours.

  • 2.  No sales ads (except on your profile page).

  • 3.  No issues that pull people apart.


  • The best way to promote your interests is to help someone else.  If you comment on my post, I might wonder who you are and click on your name, which brings me to your profile page. Your profile page is where you can promote your interests with your images, text, and links to your website and social media.

  • When you post or comment on the bulletin boards: 

    • Respect your fellow members and the spirit of the community.

    • The site is for creating and building up, not destroying and tearing someone (or something) down.

    • Unless you send a message (or join a private group), all posts on the site are visible to the public. 

    • Post about real life events, info, and issues.

Not permitted.  This type of activity is unacceptable on our site, and will be removed when reported:

  • Profanity

  • Conversations that veer away from the designated topic

  • Abuse or harassment of other users

  • Inflammatory or defamatory comments, flaming or taunting

  • Personal attacks 

  • Spam (both via private message or public post)  

  • Trolling and antagonistic behavior (hate speech, people bashing, etc.) 

  • Use of copyrighted materials that you do not have permission to use or reproduce

The site is monitored by the community of users.  Should any posts violate the guidelines listed above, the user in question will be contacted via private message, the offending post will be deleted, and the member may be blocked from site. 

About us  Here you'll find the history of the site and  info about some key people in putting together this site.